JTM Profiles – Heavy Tones Bundle 1


JTM Profiles – Heavy Tones Bundle 1

The first pack from JTM Profiles.
Includes 53 unique profiles. This means each profile uses different amplifier settings, or a different boost pedal is used (or not used) as well as different cab profiles and microphone positioning on the cab. This opens up even more tonal possibilities by simply swapping out the amplifier or cabinet portion of the profile from another profile to create new sounds.

Seeking to replicate tones from the 5150 II, Marshall JVM 410H Stealth, Orange Dual Dark 50, Peavey XXX, Peavey 6505 MH, Blackstar Series One 100, Maxon OD808, VFE Focus, Kartakour Warmer and seeks to recreate tones from a plethora or cab sounds including a Mesa Oversized and Marshall 1960TV etc



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