This is the ultimate impulse response pack.


Product Description

This is the ultimate impulse response pack.

Capturing 2 Cali Oversized cabs, 1 Cali traditional straight cab, 1 Cali Stiletto and 1 British 1960 straight cab. All 4 speakers in each cabinet captured by 2 different microphones.

A good cabinet, speaker and mic placement all work together to get the best possible guitar tone. I’ve paid a lot of attention to detail to make sure I’ve captured the speakers EXACTLY how they sound, using an impulse response capturing process unlike most. The difference between the real cab and the IR is indistinguishable in this pack.

For me, the ultimate metal guitar tones come from a combination of SM57 and MD421 microphones. Microphone placement is crucial so I’ve found the best starting positions for each speaker and captured some brighter and darker impulses either side of this. There isn’t an excessive amount of captures here. Between this and just using the 2 crucial microphones, I wanted to keep the option paralysis down to a minimum.

There are also 15 ‘mix ready’ impulse responses to get some really precise and balanced tones straight out of the box.

These impulse responses will work with any plugin or any external device that allows you to load .wav files